M1-G2W TWO WIRE for Motorola 2 Pin Connector for CP100D, CP200D, CP185, CP200, MUST ORDER EARPIECE SEPARATELY


Two Wire M1-G2W for Motorola 2 Pin Connector such as CP100d, CP200d, CP200, CP185, BPR40 / must order ear piece separately


The light weight, yet robust 2 wire surveillance kit includes our NEW full size push-to-talk (PTT) microphone w/clothing clip and Kevlar re-enforced cabling.

Our unique Snaptight™ feature allows the user to select from 12 different, and fully interchangeable ear options creating the most cost effective, versatile and hygienic solution on the market!

Ideal for hospitality, retail, security and sporting applications.


  • 12 interchangeable ear options
  • Rugged anchored Kevlar™ reinforced cable
  • Ultimate hygienic and versatile solution
  • Screened mic on PTT (not pin hole that can clog)