M1-PRSM-HD6-WP Impact Waterproof Speaker Mic with 3.5mm Jack w/ RX Volume Reduction Switch On Top

$96.56 $72.50

M1 Connector for Motorola CP100d, CP200d, CP185, etc (Perfect replacement for the MH-45B4B Speaker Mic)

Our Platinum Series remote speaker microphone HD6-WP, is built to exceed the standards of much higher priced models and comes standard with IP67 waterproof rating and push-button high/low volume switch on top. Perfect for heavy-duty applications including transportation and utilities, municipalities and government, industrial, and manufacturing applications.


  • Heavy-duty anchored Kevlar™ coil cable
  • Waterproof IP67 rated
  • High/low push volume button
  • “Push-Anywhere” multi-contact military-style PTT
  • Robust 360° clothing clip
  • Sealed 3.5mm audio accessory jack